31 Questions Surrounding Eden

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you’ll know that, since October 1st, I’ve been posting questions I had in writing the novella I’ve since turned into the album In Principio: Eden (The Audio Experience), now available on Spotify and all other streaming platforms just like it is in the 65-second track embedded at the end of this post. But in case you didn’t see those questions (or missed some, or want to revisit them, or are just bored and want something to read right now), I’ve compiled all 31 of them here.

So without further ado, here are 31 questions I’ve had surrounding Eden:

  1. If God is omnipotent, all-knowing, and all that jazz, then He knew what would happen in the Garden of Eden. So why did He still create man? (Answered in Track 1)
  2. What were the angels thinking when God created man? (Answered in Track 1)
  3. What was Adam thinking when he woke up for the first time? (Answered in Track 2)
  4. How did Adam react when he saw another living creature for the first time? (Answered in Track 2)
  5. What was Adam’s first interaction with God like? And how did he react? (Answered in Track 2)
  6. How did Adam learn to, you know, walk and all that? (Answered in Track 3)
  7. Did the angels perceive Lucifer as wanting to take control of the earth through Adam? And if so, what did they do about it? (Answered in Track 3)
  8. Did the angels watch Adam like we watch television? (Answered in Track 3)
    1. Put another way, was Adam the angels’ Kardashians?
    2. Is mankind, perhaps STILL, their version of reality television?
  9. Assuming he was created as a full grown man, how did Adam learn to control/use his body (Answered in Track 4)
  10. What did God’s first walk with man look like? (Answered in Track 4)
  11. What was Adam’s reaction when he first saw all the animals? And how did he react when he was given the job of naming them? (Answered in Track 4)
  12. How did Adam come up with the names for the animals? (Answered in Track 5)
  13. What did the angels think of the names Adam came up with for the animals? For example, what were Gabriel’s thoughts on the “platypus”? (Answered in Track 6)
  14. What does the heavenly throne room look like? (Answered in Track 7)
  15. What kind of news would set the whole heavenly host abuzz? (Answered in Track 7)
  16. When did Adam realize he was the only creature without a mate? And how did he react? (Answered in Track 8)
  17. What was Lucifer doing, perhaps scheming, during man’s first days? (Answered in Track 9)
  18. What did God’s creating Eve look like? (How did he go about it?) (Answered in Track 10)
  19. What was man’s first encounter with woman like? (Answered in Track 12)
  20. What would a showdown at the gates of heaven between God, Michael, and Lucifer look like? (Answered in Track 14)
  21. What were Adam and Eve thinking when they were commanded not to eat the fruit of that tree? (Answered in Track 17)
  22. What kind of routine did creation fall into before the fall? (Answered in Track 22)
  23. Of all creatures, why was it the serpent who tempted Adam and Eve? (Answered in Track 23)
  24. What did God do/what was He thinking when Adam and Eve were about to sin? (Answered in Track 24)
  25. Why didn’t Adam stop Eve from eating the forbidden fruit? (Answered in Track 25)
  26. What did the serpent look like before God cursed it? (Answered in Track 25)
  27. When Adam and Eve at the fruit, what was the gaining of the knowledge of good and evil like? (Answered in Track 25)
  28. What was the angels’ reaction to man first sinning? (Answered in Track 26)
  29. How did Adam, Eve, and the serpent react to the consequences for their actions? (Answered in Track 27)
  30. What were the angels’ reactions to Adam and Eve getting kicked out of Eden? (Answered in Track 28)
  31. How did God proceed/what was He thinking after kicking Adam and Eve out of Eden? (Answered in Track 28)

That’s it! At least for the questions I was able to form some kind of answer for. My other questions (like what would have happened if Eve ate the fruit but Adam didn’t?) will have to be saved for another time.

At any rate, I hope that you found this questions interesting. And if you haven’t already, listen to the album on Spotify!

Or at least listen to this 65-second track since you’re here.😉🤷🏿‍♂️

Have a blessed week.

– J.P.


P.S. – If you want more details about this audio experience, click here!

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