In Principio: Eden (The Audio Experience)

[UPDATE: You can now listen to “Eden” on Spotify, Amazon, and every other streaming platform!]

Allow me to explain the above image a little bit.

When I was 16, I wrote a novella called In Principio, which is Latin for “in the beginning.” Eden is one part of this book. As the name implies, it deals with the events in and surrounding the Garden of Eden. Due to questions that I’ve had, however (some humorous, others extremely serious, all of which will be posted on my Instagram over the course of October), it is not merely a reiteration of the story detailed in Genesis. Last time I checked, Genesis doesn’t show the story from Gabriel, Michael, Lucifer, and others’ points of view.

I’ll be releasing this story on Spotify (where you can go pre-save the first track) iMusic, Amazon, Napster, and every other streaming platforms come this Monday, October 1st. I’m releasing it this way instead of a regular book because I believe the world is in the process of transitioning, even more, to audio. There are a whole host of reasons I believe this, but a merely people watching the next time you’re out and about may tell you all you need to know.

But this isn’t a regular audiobook. To be frank, I got bored with those, finding them way too easy to zone out of, often due to their monotone nature. So I did something new.

Pre-save Eden, Pt. 1 (And So It Begins)

I’ve created a full 28 track audio experience, complete with musical compositions, sound effects, and more. This means that rather than just hearing my voice reading the book, you will hear music (of various genres and even world cultures) that sets the tone for the section you’re listening to, in addition to hearing the sounds of the ocean, the growl of the lion, the bleating of a lamb, and more, the moment they are referenced.

This is a project I am excited to be sharing with you all, starting October 1st, when I will begin publishing 1 track a day through October 28th!

If you’d like more details about this project, I recommend you follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook, where I’ve posted a series of videos explaining the project, and even giving a sneak peek. Further, I’ll continue to post more about the project – including the aforementioned questions I had that guided my writing of it – in the days to come (especially on Instagram). If you’d prefer, you can also contact me directly.

Again, I’m excited to share this audio experience with you all, and I hope you enjoy it!

– J.P.

Pre-save Eden, Pt. 1 (And So It Begins) on Spotify here!


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