Around the Web

Here are a few pieces of content I’ve been involved with around the web. (For a fuller list detailing my more corporate, professional writing work, click here.)


BizTech MagazineArticles by J.P. Pressley

EdTech: Focus On Higher Education Articles by J.P. Pressley

The Young & Rising“What Happens to a Dream Deferred?” | June 19th, 2020


Bright Flash Literary Review “Born Without Enamel” (Flash Fiction)

Friday Flash Fiction “More Empty Words” (Flash Fiction)

Litbreak Magazine “Flies and Spiders” (Short Story)

Suddenly, and Without Warning“The All Too Familiar Stranger” (Flash Fiction)

365tomorrows“The Worst Best Stories” (Flash Fiction)


The Overthinkers“How Can Artists Be More Productive?” | June 13th, 2021

An Interview with Melissa LlarenaEpisode 56 (“How to Use Social Media to Hold You Accountable For Goals…”) | January 12th, 2021