Left-Handedness: A Blessing Or a Curse?

Is being left-handed a blessing or a curse? I don’t necessarily care either way, but I just want to know. Because I’ve met a lot of left-handers over the years (heck, one of my brothers is left-handed), and I’m not sure if I should be jealous of their advantages or glad I don’t have their obstacles. It’s a tough decision given the number of pros and cons. To show you just a few:


  • Left-handed scholarships (yeah, it’s a thing).
  • Separates you from a crowd.
  • Often makes you harder to play sports against.
    • for example, left-handers are often harder to pitch against in baseball. (And I just used baseball as an example…man, what is happening to me?)
  • Obama is left-handed (just saying).


  • Notebooks and three-ring binders weren’t made for left-handers…at all.
  • Getting ink/lead all over the side of your hand as you write (think about it).
  • In a car, the driver’s cupholder is always on the right (at least in America). The number-pad on a keyboard is always on the right. At a table, your drink is on your right.
  • Every right-handed gadget ever.

So is being left-handed a blessing or a curse? Because it can’t be neither. If that were the case, why wouldn’t God make more left-handers, or make all people right-handed. Why are left-handers so rare? And then what about ambidextrous people? Is there really a bad side to that, or is it a blessing in every way? If so, is there some kind of hierarchy with regards to handedness? And if there is does it go ambidextrous, left-handed, then right-handed? Or maybe…wait, scratch that, is it possible to be no-handed (not ambidextrous)? ‘Cause that would just suck.

And…it’s way past the point I should be asleep. I’m going to have to cut this short, and I still want to learn the answer to my questions. So do me a favor and comment your answers below! (Oh, and if you began reading this post thinking that I’d answer my own questions…psyche! This is a The Random post, not a The Serious or even The New Adult post. You should know better than that.)

Until next time.

– JP

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  1. There is not a bad side to ambidextrous…there are 4 sides. Two good sides (left and right) and two bad sides (left and right).

  2. As a lefty, I know that I do struggle with writing without getting ink or lead on my hand. But when it comes to notebooks and 3 ring binders, I just start at the back page of the book (other lefties take notes). As for the cups at a table, cup holders in a car, and number-pad, those have just become a way of life for me.

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