Week 4 – Focus

This post will be short and to the point because I’m going to need to focus my attention elsewhere pretty soon. I’ve actually been looking at and trying to hone my focus the past few weeks, and I recommend that you (regardless of whether you’re a student or not) do the same.

Why? Because there are a lot of distractions in life, regardless of where you are. And depending on where you are (say college for example…or New York City…or both…welcome to my life…), those distractions may present themselves non-stop. But if you stop your task(s) and allow yourself to get distracted from time to time, let alone every time, you’re not going to reach your goals as quickly…if you achieve them at all.

Not getting distracted is hard, and forcing yourself to focus solely on the task(s) at hand can be even harder. But failing to do so will always be to your detriment. It doesn’t matter whether your goal is to succeed in your school work, write a book, start or grow your business, or anything else. The key thing is this: distractions will only hinder you.

That’s all I’ve got for you today. I wanted to make this one short, simple, and to the point, and I really want you to take heed to what you’ve just read and apply it to your life. Because regardless of who you are or where you come from, you won’t get anywhere if you don’t focus.

Until next time.

– JP

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