Writing Excerpt – One Question…

...I laid there, my eyes looking at the darkness above me, and tried to answer one question: if presented with the choice, would I put tribe over family, or my son over the tribe?

If you follow me on social media – particularly Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook – you may have already seen this writing excerpt. But I want to dive in a little deeper here.

I’ve always been curious where people do versus where the should draw the lines between family and otherwise. At what point, and in what situations, do you put your country, business, etc. (your tribe) over your family? At what point and in what situations must your family come before these?

This is a main question that’s explored in the first book of The Stone Chronicles I’m writing. I’m multiple books into this series and have yet to even submit it to an agent (I currently have another manuscript out for submission. Should that be rejected though…), but the questioned just explained is reflective of the types of questions presented and at least attempted to be answered in the series.

I’m curious though: how would you answer the question? Where do you draw the line between putting tribe over family, or family over your tribe?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Just write your answer in the comments below send it to me via my contact form.

Have a blessed weekend.

– J.P.

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