I’m Loading…

I’m loading. Have been for a while. In fact, I’ve been processing since this last spring semester, working my behind off in the background so that the image that eventually appears is as clear, crisp, and sharp as can be. Without getting into specifics, I’ve been learning a lot throughout it all; enough to know that it’s time for me to hit the refresh button.

To be blunt, I’m outgrowing my old content – my old life, prerogatives, etc. – and stepping into something new. With regards to my writing, relationships, academics, and so much more, a lot has changed in the last three months, let alone the last six. And with all this change, I’m…taking the time to load. I’m taking the time to develop myself.

My webpage isn’t ready to be put on display yet, but it’s getting there (figuratively, of course. I mean, technically speaking you’re on my webpage right now). New content is being created and new systems developed as I stray away from what’s become routine in my life and venture towards new, unfamiliar territories. Some of this is exciting, some terrifying, but it’s all necessary.

I know I’m speaking quite vaguely here, and I apologize if that makes my point unclear. More specifics will be revealed in the days, weeks, and months to come, but right now just know I’m grinding and that some changes are coming. I turn 19 on Sunday (dang, I’m getting old…) and know that my already full plate will soon overflow, so before then I’m taking the time necessary to develop myself as best I can so that I can be all I can.

Right now I’m loading, but in time my webpage will be as clear, crisp, and sharp as ever.

Until next time.

– J.P.


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