Week 3 – The Best Years

Many people tell me college was the best four years of their life. And many high schoolers tell me that they just can’t wait for college; largely because they hear older people say it was the best time of their lives, and the Instagram feeds of their older friends often seem to back up this claim. Now I’m enjoying college, as are most of my peers, but having my college years be the best years of my life? I think that’s downright stupid.

To be clear, I don’t want these years to suck or anything like that. Actually, I want them to be the best years I’ve lived so far. But a lot of people say college was the best time because of the parties they went to, the social life, the sporting events they attended, and a whole bunch of other stuff that, while it may float their boat, doesn’t really interest me. I want my college years to be the best years of my life so far because I want to achieve things in my college years that will better set me up for what I’ll do in my career in the rest of my life after college. And I want each of those years to be better than the one before, and ten times better than the best of my college years.

I look around at the people at my college and others, and I can tell that, for a lot of these folks, college will be the best four years of their lives. I can tell this because of what they prioritize, be it parties or whatever else. Those people, perhaps unknowingly, are making their choice day by day, and I’m making a different one. I’m aware that I’m percieved differently because of this, but I honestly don’t care. I’m gonna stick to my guns, surround myself with like minded people, and take advantage of the college resources as it pertains to my future.

I’ll conclude with this: I’m planning to make these college years the best years of my life so far, but I’m going to make sure they aren’t the best years of my life. Life is the shortest long thing, and the longest short thing known to man, and I’m planning to stay on an upward trajectory until the day I die, and, should I accomplish what I was born to accomplish, even in death my life will continue this incline. My best years are yet to come. Where are yours?

Until next time.

– JP

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