If Ramen Didn’t Exist…

Ramen Noodles. There are many other meals that people prefer, and a plethora of foods that are healthier. But if this particular pre-packaged masterpiece didn’t exist, America wouldn’t be quite the same.

How so? The answer is multifold, but a simple answer is this: if Ramen didn’t exist, most American college students would starve.

Yeah, I said it and I mean it. But think about it. How many college students do you know who stock up on, and eat tons of Ramen? For various reasons (being dirt broke, liking the taste, wanting to fulfill the college stereotype) college students Ramen quite frequently. Forget crack, weed, and all that nonsense; Ramen is the official college drug.

I honestly don’t know what students, past and present, would do without (I mean, I do know ’cause I’m allergic to it, but I’m still getting knock-off Ramen, so hey…and yeah knock-off Ramen is a thing…welcome to the world we live in). The only viable options I can think of are a.) go into more debt so they can purchase “actual food,” b.) get knock-off Ramen (and though I do it, this is NOT a good idea…the packets smell like fish food), or c.) go hungry/starve.

Options “a” and “b” just aren’t viable options (because college students are already in more debt than we can handle and because, once again, knock-off Ramen is just nasty), so that leaves us with option “c” – go hungry/starve.

Any way you slice it, Ramen is a good thing (I mean, not really good for you, but you get the point). There are many more reasons America would be different without it, but for the sake of hungry college students alone, I, for one, am quite grateful Ramen (and *sigh* knock-off Ramen) exists.

Until next time.

– JP

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