Week 17 – Progress Is Determined By Action

Much to my joy, finals are over. And with that, my first semester at The King’s College has come to a close. Thus far, I’ve shared a good portion of my outside-the-classroom learnings and revelations with you in previous The New Adult posts. But as I reflect on my semester, I realized there’s one more thing I need to remind you of before the end of the year: progress is determined by action.

This isn’t a novel concept. In fact, even if you’ve never put it to words, you’ve lived out the concept if you’ve ever completed a chore, homework assignment, writing or reading a book, etc. But today I’m not talking about progress or even achievements with regards to one task or goal. I’m talking about progress towards all your goals in all aspects of living – relationships, academic/career-wise, etc. I’m talking about personal progress in life.

Much more noticeable after longer time periods than a single day or even week, this progress is determined by every single action you take. It might be action towards achieving your goals, laxidasical action on an utter waste of time, action towards helping others, or anything else, but it determines your progress.

This is why I’ve written, and will continue to write about planning your life, strengthening your mind, purposeful steps, utilizing your spare minutes, squeezing the most out of a week, etc. Because sooner or later, and with some amount of frequency, you’ll take a few minutes out of a day to refelct on the past few weeks, months, or even year. Some things you’ll be happy with yourself for having completed or progressed in, while other things you’ll wish you spent more time on. Then there will always be the things you regret, or at the very least question spending time on But how you’ll feel in this moment is solely determined by the actions you took leading up to it. Your progress, or lack thereof, is determined solely by what you spend your time doing.

This college semester, my first semester of adulthood, being over, I’m having a moment of reflection. And while I’m overjoyed with how much I’ve progressed and achieved in some aspects of my life, there are still areas that I need to work on quite a bit. Overall, I had a very productive semester, but I plan to progress even more in the next one. Towards this, some of my actions will be the same while others will change drastically. Just like always. After all, progress is determined by actions, and I want to progress towards being the best possible version of me.

Until next year.

– JP

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