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Sports are almost in full swing. The NFL regular season is already a quarter of the way done, the MLB postseason is about to start, and two weeks from now the NBA season will begin.  Even without being a college sports fan, this is enough reason for me to love October. But unfortunately, each time we get to this time of year, I can’t help but think of this one simple fact: right now there are sports teams planning more for their next game than many people do for their entire lives. That’s a travesty.

Now there’s nothing wrong with a sports team planning as much as they do, especially when it is their passion and/or career. But the fact that people don’t put as much planning into their entire life? Please. Just as each team in professional sports leagues creates an in-depth gameplan prior to each matchup, people need to create an in-depth plan for their life.

This plan is subject to change due to obstacles and oppositions, changes in goals, and other such things, but a plan is still necessary. The quickest way to get from one point to another is a straight line, and a plan helps you detail and travel along this line. Otherwise, though you may eventually manage to reach your destination (which, as stated in a previous post, you should already know), you’re bound to take twists and turns in the road that aren’t just unbeneficial, but potentially harmful.

Plan your work and work your plan; especially when it comes to your life. At most, any sports game will last a few hours. Your life lasts as long as you breathe. So do yourself a favor and plan your life out, detail by detail, fully aware that your plan is bound to change. After all, even high school sports teams make detailed plans, and your future is much more important than a game.

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– JP

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  1. Sometimes the twists and turns are fun…like a day at the amusement park. And then you have a new life adventure, …and a baby who is sharp as a tack and makes the revamped plan better than the original plan ever could’ve been.

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