Do What You Can [A Call To Act]

Do What You Can – A Call To Act

America is a wreck right now, even more so than usual. The country is falling, divided because the President’s tweets and actions cause us to take sides on things that shouldn’t be an issue. These times are trying, and when looking about ourselves it is hard to be optimistic. Instead, we often cast blame and voice our irritation at the chaos that permeates the country. But perhaps the dismal state of our nation can’t be attributed to Trump’s flamboyant tweets, Collin Kaepernick’s anthem protest, or anything else of the sort. Perhaps the problem is deeper than that. Along these lines, allow me to ask you a question: If everybody in America acted like you do, would the country be better or worse?

I’m not asking if Trump, the grumpy old man in the store, or the alcohol and drug addicted acted like you, but if every single person in America acted like you, would the country be better or worse? There’s no doubt in my mind that, if they’re being honest, most people would have to say “no.” Some people may know how to censor themselves on Twitter, but they may be uncensored and rather vulgar in private. Others might not be grumpy when shopping, but they may absolutely lose it when their name is misspelled and/or mispronounced at Starbucks. Still others might not be addicted to drugs or alcohol, but they may be addicted to gambling, video games, sex, cigarettes, or something else. Everybody’s got issues, and if everyone in America acted like a “regular” American, the country wouldn’t be better.

It is far easier to blame Trump and others for our nations issues, but casting stones never solved anything. We can’t blame others and then wait for them to make things better, nor can we wait for the celebrities and “important and powerful people” to do something. We must take it upon ourselves. As individuals, we need to better ourselves so that, should everyone in America act like us, the country would be better. We need to better ourselves so that we can be a positive influence to the people around us. We need to better ourselves because we are America, and thus the country can only become better when we become better.

It’s not necessary that we do some extravagant act. Quite simply, most of us aren’t able to raise the millions that J.J. Watt did to combat the wreckage of Hurricane Harvey. But we’re able to lend a hand to those who need it, and offer a smile to faces worn and gray. We’re able to grow in our strengths and relate with others in weakness. We’re able to become the best version of ourselves, however imperfect that version is, and so help our nation rise above these trying times.

We can all do something in the here and now. Instead of complaining and casting blame, we can act and better ourselves and our community. And it’s possible that, through continuous perseverance in the pursuit of just growth for ourselves and our communities, America could be better when everyone acts like themselves.

But that will never happen if we cast stones, blame others, or stay stagnant as individuals. In private and in public, as individuals and communities, we must do what we can when we can; we must act.

Until next time.

– JP

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly! It is so much easier to point blame at someone else . I had to take responsibility for that earlier this week when I did it. My verse of the day said that we should love our neighbors as ourselves. The problem is, we don’t really know how to properly love ourselves because we spend so much time in critical judgment. I hope your words are taken to heart by even a few. And I hope it has a butterfly effect that goes beyond the borders of our country across the globe ! It’s not an American problem, but a human condition problem.

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