Week 9 – The Learning Curve (It’s Not Academic)

Over two months into my college education here in NYC, I’m finally getting into the swing of things. I feel like I’ve almost passed the learning curve. But when I say that I’m not talking about pure academics. Honestly, my college learning curve has been with everything outside of the classroom.

My learning curve pertains to living life on my own. My learning curve includes budgeting, getting groceries, finding the time to cook, and making sure I take a Sabbath. It includes this website, my business, my creative writing, basketball, reading, etc., and managing my time in such a way that I can fit it all in amidst schoolwork and (here and there) recreation.

Now that’s not to say that the schoolwork isn’t harder (because it is a little step up), but for me that was and is the factor that I typically don’t have many issues with. Honestly, I think that schoolwork alone isn’t as big a difference from high school to college as people say it is. The biggest learning curve isn’t academic. We know how to do schoolwork. It’s been engrained in us since our first elementary years. Rather the biggest learning curve is how to do collegiate academics while also managing the rest of your ever expanding activities and pursuits.

Personally, time management and focus, as well as other items mentioned in previous (and coming in future) The New Adult posts, has been of immense benefit in this endeavor. And they will continue too. Because the learning curve, while I feel on top of it now, is going to change again tomorrow, and every subsequent day.

For as you grow in wisdom and maturity, “the life learning curve” will only grow more difficult. You can never fully overcome it. Instead, you continue to grow as a person as you constantly strive to rise above the curve. It’s a perfect, though often irritating system that propels you to evolve throughout your entire life. And that’s fine with me. Because, while this might not be true for you, I’m simply trying to be the best me I can be.

Until next time.

– JP

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