Children’s Songs Are Underrated

Last night I was trying to figure what to write for The Random, and write it, while watching the Timberwolves game. In case you were wondering, that’s generally a bad idea. I ended up just watching the Timberwolves game. (But can you blame me? I mean, we got a new big three with the addition of Jimmy Buckets, and we also picked up Teague, Gibson, and Jamaal Crawford. The Timberwolves are gonna…my bad. Maybe I should start a sports blog. I go off on so many sports-related tangents in my head…anyway, I regress) But then a car commercial came on…and at the end, as it was mentioning the vehicle’s music functions, I saw two simple words on the car’s monitor: Preschool Popstars.

Preschool PopstarsI thought. What the heck is Preschool PopstarsIs that actually a thing?

A servant to my curiosity, I did the natural thing and searched it on YouTube. Sure enough Preeschool Popstars is a thing…and their song “Juice Box” (with almost 14-million views) is surprisingly good! The techno beat was actually really solid, and it, along with the catchy hook, makes the song quite addictive! (Click here to listen to the song) I was quite pleased with my newfound treasure, and it got me reminiscing about other children’s songs.

And I mean children’s songs. Not pop songs that children can enjoy, but true, beautiful children’s songs from children’s shows and otherwise. (Not the backpack song from Dora though…that’s just irritating.) VeggieTales, The Backyardigans, Laurie Berkner; the songs I’ve heard from each of these places are wonderful…and so underrated.

There’s a reason my whole family knows various VeggieTales songs (paritcularly their “Silly Songs with Larry” and the “LarryBoy” theme songs) by heart. There’s a reason why I have two Backyardigans soundtracks on my Spotify (judge me if you want to, but they’re staying on). And there’s a reason Laurie Berkner my mom still has a Laurie Berkner channel on her Pandora. It’s the same reason why we listened to all three on family road trips: children’s songs are honest, truthful, joyous, enlightening, and so much more.

These often silly (and even just random) songs are able to brighten the mood, mindsets, and faces of all who hear them – even if you find it irritating. When I was playing the ever so catchy “Juice Box” from the Preschool Popstars, my Russian roomate found it a bit annoying…but he was unable to complain about it without a smile (to be fair, he smiles easily, but you get the point). When another roomate came in and I played the song for him, he couldn’t but smile and enjoy it as well. And though he eventually paused it (after 2.5min though), the song, along with the discussion the three of us had concerning it, brought laughter and a smile.

Children’s songs are often underrated, frequently made fun of and thus unlistened too by many people since the songs are so…childish. But children’s songs aren’t designed to win Grammy’s; their designed to bring joy and happiness, even for just a moment, to those who take the time to listen.

So next time you’re in a bad mood, or even just have time to spare, take a moment and give it a try. Listen to a children’s song. You can do it privately or amidst friends and coworkers. But be sure to listen to the lyrics (and if there’s a video, watch it). If you do that, it’s almost impossibly hard not laugh or smile. Don’t believe me? Then go ahead, try to prove me wrong. Either way, you can get started with the Preschool Popstars hit single: “Juice Box.”

Until next time.

– JP

P.S. – What if this post was all about getting you to listen to “Juice Box,” and not about children’s songs as a whole at all? I’m not saying it is, but I am saying you should really listen to the song. It’s REALLY hard not to laugh when you listen to the lyrics.

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  1. And lest we forget, remaining a child at heart in listening to these songs makes us very Manly Muppets! (LHM…wink)

  2. Yeah man, hard to argue on any of your points. But we musn’t forget the Muppets. I still listen to all of those children songs, and more.

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