What The Heck Is Mary Poppins?

I know who Mary Poppins is, but what is she? It may be a strange question to ask but it’s one that’s been bothering me for about…eh, we’ll call it ten minutes now. And I’m dead serious about it.

How did I come to this question?

Simple. I was reflecting on Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which led me to think about Yondu, which led me to think about Mary Poppins. And in thinking about Mary Poppins, and all her unique abilities, the question came naturally. Seriously, what the heck is Mary Poppins?

The woman (at least I think she’s a woman, but for all I know she could be a non-gender alien morphing itself to look like a woman…woah, chills) walks like a regular human. Talks like a regular (more established/eloquent) human. More or less, she acts like a regular (though a much more…motherly) human being. But then she turns around and jumps into a painting on the street! What’s that about?

Is Mary Poppins a wizard? A good witch? A fairy?  Perhaps an angel?

I just asked one of my roommate’s what he thought, and was told that Mary Poppins is a human. I then asked why she was able to do so many abnormal things without being a wizard or some such thing, and my roommate’s response was that she could do all those things in and of herself. That the magic/powers flowed from her.

This got me thinking…there is only one other being that I can describe similarly. Could it be that Mary Poppins is *gasp* God???

Nah, buck that.

Mary Poppins isn’t God.  At the same time though, Mary Poppins isn’t human either. What she is remains, and may continue to remain, a mystery.

But I want answers. I might even have to search and see if there’s fan fiction about it. Honestly, I hate fan fiction (so please comment below with your thoughts so that I don’t have to read it), but I can’t let a question, a mystery, go unsolved.

And when…okay, if I find the answer, you can be sure I’ll let you know.

Until next time.

– JP

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  1. Mary Poppins is the best babysitter/nanny that could be imagined with the attributes desired by children and parents alike. She tells great stories, goes on awesome adventures, has a pretty singing voice, and lets her charges eat sweets. She takes the time to help the less fortunate, has the patience to let kids frolic, and holds kids responsible for their actions. She is what every child and parent wants in a caregiver (and substitute teacher). And because we know she came from Walt Disney’s mind and that no such person could exist, it’s fair to say Mary is a figment of our imagination. So, Mary Poppins is a hologram.

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