The Purpose of Life

It’s a new year – 2018. And with a new year comes new year resolutions. For the next few weeks our gyms will be crowded, our libraries bustling, and our alarm clocks adhered to. Then February will hit, and the majority of people who made new year resolutions will soon fall off if they haven’t already. If you made any new year resolutions, I wish you the best in becoming one of the few to actually achieve your goal(s). Personally, however, I didn’t make a new years resolution. I didn’t need to. Day in and day out, my resolution has been the same for a couple of years now, and will continue to be the same in all the days and years to come. For my resolution is my ultimate life goal: to live up to my fullest potential.

I know this is quite broad, but in this instance I don’t need nor want a smaller goal. Why? Because this goal is my purpose in life. In fact, it’s everyone’s purpose in life.

Yeah, you read that right. Millions of people in America alone have asked themselves what the purpose of life is and have often failed to come up with an answer. But, in my opinion, it’s quite simple. The purpose of life is to live up to one’s fullest potential – to become the best you that you can be in each aspect of life.

With this in mind, everybody’s purpose in life is different yet the same. For while everyone’s purpose is to live up to their fullest potential, everyone’s potential is different. Some might have a greater potential than others in academics, and those who don’t may have a greater potential in entrepreneurship and sports. Some might have a greater potential than others with regards to their family life, while others may have a greater potential as it pertains to serving their community. Furthermore, each of these categories can be broken down further until everybody has at least one thing that they have a greater potential in than everyone else. Conversely, everybody will also have things that they have no potential in whatsoever.

Believing this, I don’t need a new years resolution. Living up to my fullest potential is a goal that I continually strive for regardless of what time of year it is. After all, it’s my purpose…and yours.

Put more simply, our purpose is to do all we can to be all we can. And being all I can is my life pursuit. It’s my daily resolution.

Until next time.

– JP

P.S. – In an attempt to reach my fullest potential, I find that I need to reallocate much of my time and attention. Towards this end, all three blog series – The Serious, The Random, and The New Adult – will no longer adhere to a schedule, but will be published randomly as I find the time and passion to write them. In order to practice what I’ve been preaching, this is something I need to do. Thank you for understanding.

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