Strengthen Your Mind

Academics just aren’t for everyone. In America, it’s typically seen as the best way to get ahead, and that may very well be true, but that doesn’t mean it’s the way to get ahead for each individual. The proof of this lies in many of the both small and large business owners in America today, let alone sports, art, etc. Because of this, if people tell me that, despite how hard they try, they don’t do well in school and have decided to discontinue their academic career in the pursuit of something else, I don’t think any less of them. If anything, I regard them more highly due to their courage to even make that decision. Yet and still, even if academics aren’t your thing, you need to strengthen your mind.

As you could probably assume, I don’t mean academics. Going to school isn’t the only way to strengthen your mind. In fact, depending on your goals are, it may be one of the least effective. More beneficial methods may be reading books that can help you achieve your goals, conversing with (and listening to talks by) those who are or have passed where you want to get, and similar tactics. The main thing is that you have to continue learning, even if what you’re learning isn’t something that’s commonly taught in the classroom.

This is of vital importance because, regardless of one’s grind, a person achieves the most efficient results in a given timeframe when they adhere to a specific and proper plan. In continuing to learn outside of academics, one develops this plan, a kind of “roadmap to success” in their chosen profession. Having and adhering to this plan utilizes the same energy you’re already spending and harnesses it on each step by step, strengthening its effectiveness in the process.

And this isn’t just true for those who decide to depart from academics. Both those currently in the classroom and those who have graduated can continue to learn and grow, strengthening their minds in ways that a classroom can’t. Further, this could ignite them to utilize their energy both in and outside of the classroom with their various goals. I can say that it has for me.

Thus, it doesn’t matter who you are, your successful or unsuccessful academic pursuits, or your various life goals. To strengthen your grind you must strengthen your mind. Only then can you truly utilize the time and energy you already spend.

Until next year.

– JP

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