Cat Ladies Are Weird

There are all kinds of people in the world. There are geniuses, jocks, geeks, gangstas, hipsters, nerds, psychopaths, serial killers, and so much more. But in terms of being…different, cat ladies are in a class of their own.

Now before you get mad, understand that I’m not talking about cat people. Those people are (typically) normal. I’m talking about cat ladies. Because honestly, they’re downright weird.

I don’t know how to specify their weirdness, but they typically get this…unnerving sense when you’re around them, or even just watching. There’s something about them that’s just a bit…off. It doesn’t matter if you see them in an alley, at the pet store, or on a television screen, cat ladies portray a certain, unexplainable thing that’s more than a little weird.

To make matters worse, only cat people are this way. People who just have an insane amount of dogs are often just overly-aggressive, people with a lot of fish often just love the water, and people with a wide variety of animals are often just eclectic. But cat ladies (or I guess cat men too…but I’ve never seen or heard of that, so…)? They stand out even amongst this crowd.

Maybe it’s the fact that the hair on their head is more of their cats’ hair than their own. Maybe it’s the fact that their freaky smiles make you love going to the dentist. Or maybe it’s the fact that they seem to be participating in an ugly sweater competition every day of the week. I don’t know exactly what it is, and I may never know. But I without a shadow of a doubt, I know this: cat ladies are weird.

Until next time.

– JP

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