Roommate Conversations – The B.S. Car Salesman

One of my roommates and I were talking a bit yesterday afternoon. After making jokes about LiAngelo Ball and talking about the Ball family and Big Baller Brand, we somehow transitioned to “reality” television shows. Here we came up with a show that we’d find more enjoyable than Pawn Stars and the like, simply by taping the work of certain professionals: car salesmen.

Just think about it, we get to see if the stigmas play out or not. How car salesmen manipulate, persuade, and more, from a viewpoint that most Americans won’t see otherwise.

Of course, we couldn’t give just call it The Car Salesman. We’d have to give it a more unique name, something that makes people stop channel flipping and tune in. Something like, in the words of my roommate, The B***sh**ing Car Salesman. Personally, I’d just go with the acronym, but still. It could be a whole platform.

There could be a series titled B.S., featuring shows like B.S. – Care Salesman Edition, B.S. – Poker Edition, B.S. International – (Insert a country), etc. I mean, they wouldn’t be the greatest shows in the world, but they’d be way better than Pawn Stars. Maybe better than HGTV too (don’t hate y’all, I’m just stating my opinion).

Now I can’t help but wonder why a television series like this doesn’t exist already…oh well, I got finals next week. I can’t worry about that right now. Maybe in the future though.

Until next time (which will be the last The Random post of the year).

– JP

P.S. – Next week’s post is about why black people like chicken and watermelon so much. So make sure you come back next Thursday 😉

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  1. I think the region should be after. And not all car salesman are BSers. The stigmas is mostly used car sales. Used and new are two shows, then regions added: Used Car Salesman: Rural America , New Car salesman: New York City , Used car salesman: LA . I’d totally watch it.

    I am black and I don’t like watermelon.

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