Week 13 – Sometimes You Just Need A Break

Sometimes you just need a break. Previously I’ve written about taking a Sabbath, but sometimes you need to take a break in addition to that. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Now you don’t need, and probably shouldn’t take, this additional break on a weekly basis like you would a Sabbath, but in certain timing (whether that’s every few weeks or months, depending on the individual) you need a true break from it all. Everybody does. It doesn’t matter if you’re a workaholic or anything else, there are times we need to stop and rest for an extended period of time. Hence the concept of “vacation.”

And if you don’t take this additional rest when you need it, you’re body will simply take it from you. I’ve been going fairly hard for…well, a long time. Then this week it ramped up even further. My mom and brother came to visit and watch my first couple collegiate basketball games this back half of the week, and in trying to spend more time with them and still live my extremely busy life (between games and practices, Statement Apparel, this site, school, and more),I probably averaged about three and a half hours of sleep. I probably would have been able to manage that okay if it hadn’t been for the fact that I was already averaging about four hours of sleep a night for the entire semester and, well, it’s been catching up to me.

Last night/this morning, I crashed in my family’s hotel room before I could even start writing this week’s The New Adult blog post. I had been trying to just lay down for like thirty minutes, and that simply did not go as planned. Then, when I finally woke up, I popped out of bed, walked a few paces, and fell down again, sleepy as heck. Right now I’m forcing myself to be up as I write this post and prepare the marketing materials for it, but a few hours from now (after I see my family off), I’m back in bed.

Taking a break is sometimes necessary, even if it’s just an extended weekend where you do absolutely nothing. If I’d done that, even just a month ago, then perhaps I wouldn’t have crashed as I did earlier today. But regardless of whether or not that is true, I’m going to start taking more breaks in addition to my weekly Sabbath. After all, with all the drive in the world, you still need gas. Running on empty won’t work…trust me.

Until next time.

– JP

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